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Tap on Menu > Settings > Maps and Data Storage to choose whether the maps shall be saved on your device or on the SD Card. You can also transfer. To download the maps that you want to have saved in your device, please go to Menu > Maps If you want to download new maps, tap on the green PLUS button. If you have trouble downloading maps, or if the download freezes, please perform a few steps in the following order: Check the size of selected

If you would like to change the settings for the maps, tap on Menu > Settings > Map. Then you can choose which options you wish to change: Color scheme. We release map updates 3 - 4 times a year. Map updates include updates for roads, speed limits, new traffic regulations, POIs and stationary speed cameras.

03 maps 2010 rub teleatlas sygic

Sygic rub maps 2010 03 teleatlas