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Oct 16, 2006 1. Does a ringtone, made available for use on a cellular telephone or ringtone falls within the scope of the statutory license will depend. I recently updated my OnePlus One to Android Lollipop through CM12. However whenever I get a call from someone, I cannot hear ringtone. When I go to Menu, Settings, Basic, Ring Type, Line 1, I can scroll down and see that 15 is "Loud Ring" and 16 is "Phone Bell", but when I play. While the sound produced is still called a "ring", more-recently manufactured telephones electronically produce a warbling, chirping, or other.

Nov 1, 2013 Yesterday I bought a Nokia Lumia 520. How do I set a song as ringtone in this device? Steps that I followed: 1. Setting -> Ringtones+Sounds.

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