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Nakedlunch текст песни

God Lyrics von Naked Lunch - Jetzt kompletten Songtext ansehen: A young boy took himself too serious / He took a gun and aimed at god / God himself. When the dealer hits my back / I turn around to see his face / his pounded jaw his bleeding nose / and I ask for an overdose Naked Lunch Lyrics: "And you wanna stop. you really do, but it's like a dream - You can't stop dreams. They move in crazy pieces

King George Lyrics von Naked Lunch - Jetzt den “King George” Songtext kostenlos auf ansehen. Lyrics to 'Naked Lunch' by Showbread: I eat the dirt you kick up, and flaw the chord that resonates A gentle word I cannot find a way to enunciate.

Песни текст nakedlunch