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Megpoid gumi poker face текст песни

Search results for artists and/or song lyrics. 8 lyrics for «poker face» Poker Face, Autre, Gumi Megpoid, Electronic. Poker Face, Anglais, Pixie Lott, Pop-Rock. Dec 29, 2013 Welcome to the world of lyrics. Home · About “Poker Face” ENGLISH ( Megpoid Gumi) Making up an alibi, I'm just a two-face pretending. Aug 2, 2011 'Cause I've tricked you all this time, you fell for my poker face The Japanese version mirrors the lyrics of the song used in the game "hana ichi. Album / Collection: Megpoid/GUMI Written, Composed and Arranged by YuchaP. Mix and Mastering by kaichi. Movie by HND Performed by GUMI View Kanji.

Песни gumi poker megpoid текст face