Heli twister silverlit русская инструкция и эх червончики мои червончики розенбаум mp3

Heli Twister (Discontinued). Another Heli does 180 degree flips in mid-flight. Includes Categories: Indoor Helicopter, Power in Air. Instruction Manual. Silverlit Toys is a well-established toy manufacturer / exporter with 20 years experience in the industry w/ Instruction Manual (English) : Heli Mission. A Portable Robot with more than 6 features, available in 2 styles and 6 colors of your choice! Robotic voice playback and the Sound Activated Motions bring.

Download Silverlit toy's instruction manual here. manual; POWER IN AIR manual; POWER IN SPEED manual; ROBOT manual OUTDOOR HELICOPTER. Your Imagination Our Destination! Put it on the MAZE and it will find the way out! An inspiring robot that enhances kids' imaginations with more than 8 features.

Heli русская silverlit twister инструкция

Heli twister silverlit русская инструкция