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To this end, calendar mailboxes will not be returned by Cyrus imapd in response to an IMAP client's request for the available Select "Manual Configuration. Cyrus_authenticate — Authenticate against a Cyrus IMAP server; cyrus_bind to a Cyrus IMAP connection; cyrus_close — Close connection to a Cyrus IMAP. Cyrus IMAP HOWTO. Cyrus IMAP Installation. If you distribute this work in part, instructions for obtaining the complete version of this manual.

Jan 13, 2013 Jump to: navigation, search. You have two way to delete old emails on cyrus imap. Read the manual if you want to get more. Be careful any. An IMAP server developed at Carnegie Mellon University. (C, Perl) GNU/Linux Cyrus-imapd - Cyrus IMAP is an email, contacts and calendar server. Jun 21, 2016 Making Slackware Mail Server. Installing Cyrus-SASL. Installing Postfix. Installing Mail Delivery and Cyrus IMAP. SSL / TLS Postfix and Cyrus.

Feb 19, 2016 While this is fine for smtpd there are other services (Cyrus imapd for example) which expect saslauthd 's socket at its "regular" location.